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Datavault Builder

At Data Tribes, we support organisations in their journey to become more data-driven and as a result, more efficient and agile. We believe that data modelling is the basis of every solution. Thus, we have partnered up with Datavault Builder, the 4th generation Data Warehouse Automation Tool, to make your data agile.

Model Driven

Create your business model visually in Datavault Builder. This powerful tool will not only convert your business model into working code in real-time, but also seamlessly translate and incorporate your code changes to the model, streamlining your development process.

Agile Data

Start small and grow big. The Datavault Builder is designed for fast setup and build time and simple maintenance of your existing models. Build to allow small teams to change and deploy their data models and implementations in a very simple fashion.

IT meets Business

Using a simplified data model, business users actively participate in the design process, gaining a clearer understanding of the desired outcome. This enhances knowledge of relevant business processes, deepening comprehension of output and boosting project success.

Efficient Data Integration

Datavault Builder is your go-to visual data integration solution, ensuring increased productivity and rapid time-to-insights. By leveraging standardisation and fostering collaboration between business and IT teams, it paves the way for success.

Enjoy full auditability and governance without any added effort, boosting data warehousing functionalities in one comprehensive solution. Replace multiple software tools, reduce complexity, lower risks, total cost of ownership, and enhance maintainability.

With Datavault Builder, organisations can trust their data and transform it into valuable assets. Via Datavault Builder, we empower sustainable analytics, while emphasising trustworthy data as the foundation for sound decision-making. With accurate, reliable, and relevant data, you can confidently inform your critical decisions.

Explore the Features

  • Batch Loading
    • Connect to any data source out of the box and let Datavault Builder calculate which data did change since the last load.
  • Delta Loads
    • Based on a source column Datavault Builder can filter the data already before staging.
  • CDC Loads
    • Datavault builder is able to consume CDC streams from MSSQL Servers, Qlik Replicate, Golden Gate, Kafka and others and interpret the ingestion time order correctly.
  • Near Real Time
    • Data can also be consumed from enterprise service buses like Kafka.
  • Detect Data Quality Issues
    • Simply visualise empty and wrong values in your source data.
  • Identify Business Key
    • Check you source data for identifying columns.
  • Bookmark and Share your Insights
    • Data can be consumed from enterprise service buses like Kafka.  Share your findings with other data modeler, data engineers and your business users.
  • Design and Maintain your Data Model
    • In Datavault Builder you can design and maintain your conceptual and logical data model. The difference to other approaches is that we do translate the data model in real time into working code.
  • Supports Raw Vault & Business Vault
    • Persist your Raw and Business Vault data in the same overall data mode.
  • Create Data Flows in Real Time
    • Will modelling you can preview and load the data giving you to ability to become the first time really agile in your DWH development.
  • Data Lake Option
    • Do you want to persist your data before starting modelling? No problem. Just load the data into our PSA module.
  • Virtual Business Rules
    • You can add any business rule you want as SQL code.
  • Materialise Business Rules Output
    • If required for performance or auditability reasons, you can materialise any calculation into the business vault.
  • Run Stored Procedures or External Tools
    • If your business logic is too complex for SQL, don’t worry, you can still run stored procedures and external rule engines triggered by the Datavault Builder.
  • Automatically updated masterjobs
    • Masterjobs per source system are self configuring and updating based on the data mode. No configuration necessary.
  • Built in Scheduler
    • Run your jobs directly by scheduling full and delta jobs in Datavault Builder.
  • Integrate in your Enterprise
    • Integrate Datavault Builder with your enterprise schedulers like Control-M, UC4, Airflow and others by using it’s Rest APIs.
  • Job Chaining
    • Define job dependencies directly in Datavault Builder.
  • Simplified Deployment
    • Compare two instances of Datavault Builder and select from the difference list what you want to deploy immediately or let generate a deployment script.
  • Git Flow Based Deployment
    • Follow the state-of-the-art Git flow process for distributed and agile development and get fully supported by Datavault Builders Git compatible model description packages.
  • Automate your Deployment
    • All actions in the GUI can be triggered also by Rest APIs to achieve full CI / CD using pipeline tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps or GitLab.

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