Data Tribes & Aerospike

The Data Platform Aerospike is designed to help organisations achieve real-time performance at petabyte scale, while reducing their carbon footprint and cost.


The Aerospike multi-cloud platform powers real-time applications with predictable sub-millisecond performance up to petabyte-scale with five-nines uptime with globally distributed, strongly consistent data.


Customers typically reduce server or cloud instance footprint by up to 80 percent even as business and data grow - regardless of industry or the legacy NoSQL competitor.


Fueled by a hybrid memory architecture and dynamic cluster management, Aerospike provides improved performance at 20% the total cost of ownership (TCO) of first-generation NoSQL and relational databases.

Seamless Integration

We understand that seamless integration with enterprise environments is paramount. That's why our Aerospike Connect line offers robust, no-code integrations between Aerospike Database environments and popular open-source frameworks. With Aerospike Connect, you can effortlessly integrate with Apache Spark (SQL), Presto-Trino, Kafka, Pulsar, JMS, and Event Stream Processing (ESP) systems, enabling you to unlock new possibilities in data-intensive applications and real-time data pipelines. Experience the power of Aerospike's massively parallel real-time engines, as Aerospike Connect empowers you to effortlessly design and develop cutting-edge applications. Harness the remarkable speed and scalability of Aerospike, creating data-intensive applications and real-time data pipelines that redefine what's possible.

Client Stories

32% annual growth
20TB of data replicated
across data centers
2ms latency @95th percentile
4MM transactions/second at edge


30X reduction in fraud
transactions missed
15X reduction in server footprint
$9M hardware cost savings projected
5X throughput improvement


90% reduction in TCO
40K+ transactions per second
5 9's reliability
100B+ records processed


<10ms latency
100B+ data events/day
5TB+ data storage
100M+ active users


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