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We are Data Tribes

B. Amsterdam, where Data Tribes office is located.

At Data Tribes, we harness the power of data to transform it into a valuable asset. Our team of dedicated specialists provides the expertise needed to help you achieve your ESG goals. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial mindset, curiosity, and relentless enthusiasm. Driven by intrinsic motivation, our consultants collect, structure and analyse your data to deliver meaningful and actionable insights.

Whether you aim to uncover new opportunities, optimise operations or identify potential risks, our consultants are by your side throughout the entire journey. We are deeply committed to assisting companies in reaching their ESG goals by offering expert guidance and relentless support.

Choose Data Tribes to empower your organisation with data-driven solutions that pave the way for a sustainable, successful future.

What we do

Empowering Success through Data-Driven Solutions

Data Tribes empowers your organisation by transforming data into a powerful asset. Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing the necessary expertise to help you achieve your (ESG) goals. We take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit, boundless curiosity, and unwavering enthusiasm. Our consultants work with intrinsic motivation to collect, structure and analyse your data to deliver relevant and actionable insights.

Whether you're looking to uncover new opportunities, optimise operations, or identify potential risks, our consultants are here to help you every step of the way. We're also committed to helping companies meet their ESG goals by providing expert guidance and support.

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Our Tribes

Business Intelligence

Gain insights and make data-driven decisions based on past performance. Our BI consultants are passionate storytellers who bring your data to life with beautiful, clear reports and user-friendly dashboards.

Data Science

Discover hidden insights and patterns in your data with our curious and up-to-date Data Scientists, who deliver mesmerising products using the latest technologies and platforms.

Data Platform

Easily integrate and archive both structured and unstructured data at any scale with our specialised Data Engineers, who prioritise semantics and work with a wide range of technologies and platforms.

Data Management

Optimise your data organisation and management across by employing an iterative methodology grounded in the DAMA-DMBOK framework and guided by our "Think big, start small, and scale fast!" philosophy.

Our Partners

Our Adventures

DICTU ~ RVO ~ UMC Utrecht ~ Big Four

Direct Pay ~ Rabobank ~ NVWA ~ ING ~ Naktuinbouw

Our Team

Alex Ritter, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Data Tribes

Alex Ritter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Olivier Nipshagen​, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Data Tribes

Olivier Nipshagen​

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Team-member Egle Karpauskaite, a Data Analytics Consultant at Data Tribes

Eglė Karpauskaitė

Business Analytics Consultant

Thomas Peters

Business Analyst

Team-member Jay Brouwn, a Business Data Consultant at Data Tribes

Jay Brouwn

Business Data Consultant

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